Professional Business Proposal Writing Service

Professional Business Proposal Writing Service

by Stan Edom
Our on-time professional business proposal writing service in Nigeria and Africa provides the writing and strategic skills needed for winning opportunities.

Solicited and Unsolicited Business Proposals

STDM Business Solutions helps organizations win new business by preparing solicited and unsolicited proposals.

What’s the difference?

A solicited proposal is one developed in response to a formal request. For example, if you receive a Request for Proposal (RFP) to which you would like to respond, we’ll prepare a solicited proposal. These proposals must follow each of the requirements set forth in the RFP.

On the other hand, if you need to respond to a client after a sales visit or informal discussion, we’ll prepare an unsolicited proposal. These proposals allow greater flexibility, but both require a winning strategy.

We Deliver

We understand that a proposal represents a first impression of your company, a marketing tool and a new business opportunity. Also, we know that it can create obligations of performance and even present opportunities. For all of these reasons, proposal writing is serious business.

Given the important consequences, we remain steadfast in our meticulous attention to detail and transparent in our processes. Our clients receive daily opportunities to review the work in progress, provide feedback and request changes.

Types Of Business Proposals We Write

  • Federal Proposal Writing
  • Government Proposal Writing
  • RFP Proposal Writing

And a whole lot more.

The RFP Firm provides business proposal writing and government contract consulting services to federal contractors and vendors across Nigeria and Africa.

Key Benefits Of Our Business Proposal Writing Service

  • Avoid the Most Deadly Mistakes When Submitting Your RFPs.
  • Submit More Competitive RFP/Business Proposals.
  • Overcome Past Performance Struggles.
  • Submit Higher Quality Technical Proposal Writing.
  • Increase the Probability of Being Awarded Contracts.
  • Well written, concise easy to understand proposals
  • We focus on your what your particular proposal needs may be
  • We offer excellent support from beginning to end of the writing process
  • We make sure your proposal is unique
  • Our team offers proposal proof reading and editing
  • Review and critique services are also available
  • We hire only the best writers.
  • proposal writing servicesOur prices are very competitive to other Proposal Writing Services
  • We know the process of writing an effective proposal
  • We know exactly what educators and businesses are looking for in an applicant
  • You have direct contact with your writer throughout the process
  • We continue to make revisions on your proposal as needed until it is perfect
  • Our prices and quality
  • Our customer care
  • Our employees
  • We offer a 100% money back guarantee

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